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" has fallen and can't get up. The post on their site describes how their entire database was overwritten through either some inconceivable OS or application bug, or more likely a malicious act. Regardless of how the data was lost, their undoing appears to have been that they treated drive mirroring as a backup and have now paid the ultimate price for not having point-in-time backups of the data that was their business."
The site had been in business since 2002 and had an Alexa page rank of 106,881. Quantcast said they had 14,000 monthly visitors recently. No word on how many thousands of bloggers' entire output has evaporated.

Journalspace has fallen


You forgot about Roxie and Jessie And Molly And Lady When members of my church came to bring me a delayed birthday present I mentioned about what you told me about those labs when you were PCF Jitter. I never got in to the part when you were in PCF training and you got IMs saying your computer went fishin all the time

Aww, I remember telling you about them. How sweet. And the fishing all the time, LOL. How funny was that!